MOP: A name that is deep rooted and diverse .We aspire to create a perfect cultural
symphony of east and west without loosing the soul-ness of our values. The company was formed under the idea to showcase the different moods and cultural aspects of our country by a beautiful fusion of western clothing but with the passage of time it has diversify its range by accommodating more and more demands .. we believe that the customer has the power to tame any organization product we try to accommodate customers that don’t compromise onquality, commitment and want an exclusive item that has quality beyond expectations…
Textile/Garments prides itself with high standards of quality in its own labs. The quality control and testing processes ensures the perfect quality of product when it leave the factory premises.

Our main target is to achieve a consistent efficiency in our production with a better quality and
time perseverance. MOP specializes in Printing, Knitwear and Denim.
1. To be market leader
2. Costumer needs focused
3. Ensure Quality
4. Afford ability vizaviz

Our Mission

We aim to become the face of textile world that weave dreams into reality, we
aspire to bring innovation to textile industry that bridge the desires in to facts.

Our Vision

To cater the needs of changing world by optimizing our capabilities and
equipping ourselves for the new challenges in the world of textiles, we greed to
be the largest providers of textiles that caters masses with different
requirements by fulī€lling and satisfying customers at large.

Our Values

Our company has a core believe that satisfaction and excellence is only achieved when the prime focus is rightly sighted, as the roots nurture the whole tree that in result is responsible for the growth and proper circulation of nutrients and ultimately life. In the light of this philosophy the organization roots are customers for whom we deliver ,we change and we work. Their dreams are
our fuel for success. The word customer has set values for us:
C …commitment to the work and promises
U…understanding the market demands and /desires
S…safe procedures for acquiring the results
T…target oriented approach
O…optimising the results
M…maintaining quality
E….elegance and endurance in service
R…remaining connected to our roots.

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